Adrian Constantinescu Original Feeling Touch


The most effective and spectacular therapies are the ones governed by the body’s own intelligence. In a world where healing is still being sold „industrially”, in the form of pills, we often times forget to seek it where it is most available: within ourselves. Just like in the traditional Romanian fairy tale “Emperor Aleodor”, we look for support abroad, in foreign countries, or in the microscopic world, and we fail to acknowledge our most faithful companion down the road of life: our own body.

According to the new paradigm of healing, that focuses not only on the physical, but also on the subtle bodies of the human being, and that, luckily, is gaining more and more approval worldwide, we need to direct all of our attention towards the healing tools that the Creator, in His great wisdom, has gifted our bodies with. Thus, fundamentally, we have nothing new to learn; we only need to turn back to ourselves, and remember.

The mother’s touch, the gentle caress of the amniotic fluid, and, last but not least, the vibrating touch of the Universe back in immemorial times, when we were all one, are all memories deeply rooted in cellular memory. This cellular memory holds a huge store of healing resources, of balance and harmony – inherited from mankind’s age of innocence, but deeply hidden and covered by the thick walls of emotional trauma, frustration, and tension that we gathered since birth. Coming out of childhood already carrying a heavy burden on our shoulders, we get used to it, and we easily forget that behind the thick clouds there is also a bright and shining sun that we can look towards.

Original Feeling Touch is one of the most powerful traditional therapies out there. It is just as loving and relaxing as it is efficient in releasing us from the traumatic emotional baggage we have collected during our lifetimes. OFT takes us beyond the borders of our own memories, and beyond any form of knowledge. Gently and non-invasively, it reinstates our natural rights, it empowers us to feel and to let go of the entire energetic and informational dead weight that we no longer require, thus paving the path for the potential Human we can become.

Derived from the Chinese technique of Chi Nei Tsang, this method has been refined for over twenty years, through practice and improvement, by Andrew Fretwell, senior instructor in Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao system.

This workshop is aimed at therapists, as well as people that want to offer relaxation and healing to those around them. This technique can be practiced in clinics, as well as at home, to benefit family, friends, and all those in need of support. Thus, the process itself has been condensed in a very basic set of steps, and has been made available to anyone, since it employs the most handy and available tool we all possess: touch. The person receiving is not required to make any effort, but only to allow their own system (body) to manifest it’s self-healing capacity.

Merkaba Adrian ConstantinescuThe results offered by this practice ar as spectacular as the technique itself is simple – the cleansing and balancing of the body in an optimal manner, specific to every individual. Through gentle touch and the relaxation of important areas (the spine, kidneys, adrenal glands, colon, intestine) the body is encouraged to use its own intelligence and instantly activate its potential for healing. The technique is based on the naturalness and wisdom of Creation, and employs the path of minimal effort.

In Romania, this technique is still relatively unknown, but, due to its wide availability, it will soon be a welcome guest in any home where self-healing is needed. Therefore, OFT Romania is offering you the chance to become an OFT practicioner or guide, so that you, too, may support your close ones, and help spread this knowledge even further.


Participating in the workshop is part of the accreditation process for those who wish to become OFT guides.

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