Merkaba Adrian Constantinescu


Living in the heart is not just a metaphor. On the great wheel of time, days follow nights, spring follows winter, and the golden ages of mankind follow the dark ones. Human knowledge follows the same cyclical patterns – going through times of decline, and then flourishing anew. Few can imagine that, in this day and age, when humanity seems to be facing every type of crysis possible, we are actually only seeing remnants of previous decline, and signs of a golden age to come. And thus, just like the sun shines bright after the darkness of night, the traditional systems are being reborn, to reveal new and relevant insights. What we had thought to be lost or forgotten is now arising back to life from its own ashes, like the Phoenix.

Knowledge of the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart can be found in the oldest traditions of the world. After millennia of lying dormant, minimized and neglected due to the materialism and technological progress governing civilization today, it is now time that this knowledge is brought back to light. Social, economical and environmental crises can no longer be solved by the old paradigms, which have lead humanity to where it stands today; only by acknowledging the power of love, and of the creative energy that our hearts hold, can we hope to fix this.

Through over thirty years of efforts by Drunvalo Melchizedek, founder of the School of Remembering, practical means gathered from the wisdom of indigenous populations have been brought to light. These tools are meant to help reconnect the heart and mind, and to help us escape the dual, conflicting nature of a reality from which awareness is lacking. We now have, at our disposal, an initiation that, centuries and millennia back, was only permitted to a select chosen few. Given the current pace at which the planetary energies are evolving, the raising of the level of human consciousness is happening at an unprecedented speed, and, consequently, the new paths to awakening are irreversible and profoundly transformational.

Amongst the many personal development systems that seek enlightenment, awakening and aware living, activating the heart remains by far the key to decoding any kind of knowledge. Through the portal of the heart, one can access new dimensions of understanding the Universe, and the purpose and meaning of life on Earth. That is why, regardless of how many esoteric schools there have been throughout the ages, the opening of the heart remains, undisputedly, the Alpha of knowledge. Only by understanding and activating the archetypal geometries of the human body of light, starting with the fields of the heart, can we recognize and acknowledge the essence of any authentic spiritual system.

Merkaba Adrian ConstantinescuGenerally, human endeavors focus on influencing the exterior facets of reality, and completely ignore the subtle energies underpinning these facets – energies that truly hold the “monopoly of creation”. The opening of the heart is a practical means of finding the way out of the Labyrinth. No matter how much we try to shape the outer world in a way that brings happiness, balance and harmony, these will always collapse and generate repetitive, tenuous experiences, unless governed by the intelligence of the heart.

You have always had this place within your heart, and it is still there now. It existed before creation, and it will exist even after the last star shines its brilliant light. At night when you enter your dreams, you leave your mind and enter the sacred space of your heart. But do you remember? Or do you only remember the dream?” (Drunvalo Melchizedek – Living in the Heart: How to Enter the Sacred Space Within the Heart)

Knowing about the human body of light is more than an option, it’s a responsibility. In the context of the new planetary energies that, whether we realize it or not, we co-create, aware and correct use of our subtle bodies is now a must. It’s the only way that we will be able to adapt to the changes that set the stage for a new leap in consciousness. We are already in the middle of this process that causes a planet-wide division within our species, and human DNA is currently going through profound changes and transformations. Only we, by grace of our free will, can decide which branch of this “mystical divorce” we want to be involved with: the one that leads to extinction or the one that governs evolution and growth. Despite every appearance, and the treacherous nature of reality as seen through the lens of fear, while everything seems hopeless and out of control, this subtle process of frequency filtering is going on right under out eyes, within our families, our bodies and our DNA.

This work, of reconnecting with our hearts – that Drunvalo laid out – is one that each and every one of us must carry on with, until we realize that we cannot indefinitely avoid the whole that we are a part of, and that we are meant to serve with our gifts. There are levels of enlightenment that can only happen on a planetary scale, and we need to understand that the Whole will never be fully healed as long as there are still souls on Earth that are burdened with fear, conflict and suffering.

The process is a gradual one, and firstly, we must become aware of the subtle and vital links that bind us all in the quantum field. At this level, we will activate layers of intelligence that dwell beyond the mind. These will facilitate access to our true meaning and the highest purpose of life, for the good of all, with no need to receive something in exchange and with no sense of personal achievement. Only so will we be able to transcend fear, the mind, separation, and to polish and clean the lenses through which we look out at reality. Thus, we will discover our purpose in life in regards to our work, our family, our relationships, and we will see fascinating, new sides to the notion of prosperity.

The structure of the body of light, such as God made it, makes it a perfect conduit for this work to come into shape. If, on the other hand, we fail to understand its geometry, this structure will remain dormant, and the outer reality that we create will only be a week afterthought of the greatness that mankind can achieve. It is, therefore, pointless to complain about the reality we life in – it always reflects the degree of awareness that we, ourselves, bring, the courage we invest in knowing ourselves, and the determination to act in support of our personal mission, when we discover what it is.

The “AWAKENING OF THE ILLUMINATED HEART” workshop is a living transformational experience, more than a class, per se. The essential steps marking the process of heart activation are:

  • Remembering who we really are, beyond the labels of ego;

  • Understanding the process of ascension;

  • Acknowledging the structures of the body of light as aspects of the Holographic Universe;

  • Healing emotional trauma and recognizing limiting patterns;

  • Activating the light rays, the Third Eye, and the human Halo;

  • Understanding Creation and experimenting with it

  • Activating the body of light – the Mer-Ka-Ba.

This whole process is one of remembering and reconnecting. Once the subtle structures of the human body consciously reconnect with the archetypal geometries that underpin the entirety of Creation, from atoms to galaxies, the human system begins a radical reconstructive process. Also, this process paves the path for reinstating the spirit as authentic coordinator of destiny, released from the repetitive interference of the mind.