Adrian Constantinescu CONSCIOUS BREATHING


From the breath of a single cell, to the breath of the Universe, from the smallest bacteria to the stars, life is a continuous multiplication of the fractal patterns of the Universe. One cannot understand the complete, absolute nature of life, the connection to the present moment and the vibration of Creation as a whole without aknowledging and manifesting one’s multimensional nature.

Placed at the border of microcosm and macrocosm, man is but one of the complex aspects of the Holographic Universe. Since he was created in God’s own image, man’s descent into the material plane was governed by geometrical fractal patterns replicated, multiplied and hidden behind the fascinating diversity of life. Yet still, for the trained eye, these patterns unveil the infinite manifestations of the one Principle, and also the subtle self-healing mechanisms that mankind has access to. Of these, breath is one of the strongest and most straight-forward.

Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth”, Archimedes said. Just like the fulcrum in this famous quote, breath – a common physiological act – can become a moving force capable of changing destinies. Through breath, we do not only move the air that enters our lungs, but also a great number of archetypes connected with out emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Focusing one’s awareness on the breathing patterns, and adjusting them, is, therefore, enough to restore a world that once seemed lost.

Conscious breathing is more than just a biological process. It is an archetypal map of living that helps us safely find our North. It goes deep into the inner reaches of the subconsious mind, like an unseen wire guide, and allows us access to the programming matrix that controls the emotional patterns that limit our evolution. Breathing has the capacity to clean the filters that separate us from our higher consciousness, to purify us of emotional residue and stagnant energy that no longer serves a purpose in our life.

Merkaba Adrian ConstantinescuEvery breath of air we draw in our lungs, if we „invoke” it as such, can become a witness to our permanent rebirth. It can continuously be our fairy godmother, that promises us a kingdom of everlasting youth and neverending life. Breath carries rhythm, and as such, reconnects us to the vibration of nature, of life, and of a magical future that is in store for us, waiting for us to honor it. This has nothing to do with fantastical journeys into states of extended consciousness, for we do not seek to escape the physical body, but to experience it in its entirety, while remaining connected to our multidimensional, divine nature, at the same time.

As travellers in this world, we physically reflect our own mental and emotional patterns – the ancestral vector of the sum of experiences passed down through the sap of the family tree – through the medium of our own breathing patterns. Thus, fractally, in this context, we experience and explore the outer world and the vastness of the Universe to the same extent that we allow ourselves to explore the hidden corners of our own bodies. That is why overcoming inner barriers precedes the dawn of a new life, a life that will allow us to enjoy our full capacity to manifest our creativity here on Earth. Limits begin to stretch towards the infinite, our understanding of the meaning of life becomes wider, and what was once painful and constricting becomes nothing more than a conscious step on the infinite ladder of becoming.

Just like the countless steps of evolution, the advantages of conscious breathing cannot be enumerated in list form. As a matter of fact, regardless of initial intentions, the body’s natural intelligence has the final say, when it comes to the mechanisms of self-healing. I will, therefore, list onl a few of the major benefits that I myself have experienced, during private sessions or within the groups that I have worked with:

  • Regaining mental and emotional clarity;

  • Reconnecting with the present and with one’s own aware experience;

  • Overcoming emotional blockages and self-limiting patterns;

  • Increased self-trust and self-esteem;

  • Increased productivity and efficiency, regardless of the field of activity;

  • Increased rational and emotional intelligence;

  • Improved general wellbeing;

  • Optimal pain and trauma management;

This list can go on forever, just like the patterns of Creation – that makes us witness a permanent renewal of the ways in which life manifests itself, and that provides us with just as many ways to reconnect with the Source.