Adrian Constantinescu

My searches in the area of subtle energies began in the `90s, when I accepted the challenge of looking beyond what people generally accept as the borders of tangible reality. I understood, then, that there is no such thing as a reality “beyond” our perception, but only a lack of awareness and training of our capacity to manifest extended perception, which places us somehow just out of reach of living a complete life.

Accepting the biblical statement that man is created in God’s own image does not imply believing, completely and without doubt, in the divine gifts that are coded in our DNA. Often times, living our gifts means passing through the most authentic and at the same time the most ruthless system there is: life itself. The path to courage goes through fear and pain, and the path to power goes through the complete acceptance of the vulnerability of corporeal beings, lead on a hero’s journey strewn with demons and riddles, deaths and resurrections.

Acknowledging our own perfection and capacity for self-healing is part of human nature, but this vision is often times shaded by the traumatic and emotional baggage collected in the past, as well as by the collective thought patterns that have been passed down through the medium of the collective consciousness from times immemorial. Like a virus, these patterns are passed down from generation to generation until such time that, just like in the fairy tales, the youngest son attains the gift and triggers a massive mutation in the genome of the entire human race. In that moment, the knowledge acquired through pain and suffering is transformed into love and wisdom, and the true golden age of the kingdom begins.

My first trials on the path of knowledge were guided by the distinguished miss Nineta Crainici, my pranayama master, in the early `90s. Long years of study and practice have followed, in the fields of dowsing and energy therapies. Throughout all this time, though, the supreme master has been life itself, and it has guided me through the screen of its many lessons, making me cut out my ego, piece by piece, and leave it behind, to be consumed by the beasts of the world. Only after I had become sufficiently empty and vulnerable, have I met the masters that have truly made a difference in my life and helped me appreciate all that life would soon offer me.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dan Brule, Andrew Fretwell and Richard Rudd are important names and personalities in the field of spirituality worldwide, but behind their credibility and the resonance of their names, I have found Man. This essence that they all have in common is the binding element that ties in, like a piece of red string, the four systems that I am currently sharing with the world: Awakening of the Illuminated Heart (School of Remembering), Conscious Breathing, Original Feeling Touch and the Gene Keys. And, because in following their path I have gained empowerment, and not addiction, this is exactly what I want to pay forward. Last, but not least, I have had something to learn from everyone I ever met in my life, because in every human being lies an inner master just waiting to be awoken.

Adrian Constantinescu